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No, Botox Won’t Make You Look Expressionless and Other Myths

Are you curious about Botox? Perhaps you’ve been holding off because you’re still not comfortable with the idea of injecting something foreign into your face. Maybe you want to look more youthful but you’re worried about looking ‘fake’ or unnatural. You’ve seen those frozen celebrity faces on television and you don’t want to be one of those people.

We completely understand and it’s the reason we wrote this blog especially for you. We’d like to dispel the top three Botox myths that may be preventing you from looking your best and arm you with facts about this beneficial treatment that can take years off your appearance.

Myth #1:  Botox Will Take Away Your Expressions

Not true. Yes it’s possible that Botox administered improperly could potentially lead to an expressionless face. The reality, however, is that current and advanced injection techniques make this highly unlikely. A properly trained and experienced Botox practitioner knows which muscles to inject, but more importantly which ones to avoid.

So you don’t need to worry about looking like a Stepford wife anymore. Since Botox was introduced back in the 80’s it has been used by millions of men and women to look more relaxed, refreshed and youthful while retaining a natural appearance. You’ll be able to smile and express yourself as always, the only thing missing will be those pesky lines and wrinkles.

Myth #2: Botox Means Injection Botulism in Your Body

Not true. Botox or onabotulinumtoxinA is derived from the same microorganism that’s linked to Botulism, this part is correct. But during the manufacturing process only the protein component is isolated while the rest of the bacterial matter is discarded. These tiny protein molecules are purified, then purified again until they no longer pose any significant risk to your health.

In fact, when injected into your muscles the Botox proteins simply block the nerve impulses that cause your muscles to contract. Just like magic, your lines and wrinkles become less visible and with regular use they can disappear altogether. Keep in mind that as the Botox starts to wear off your muscle movement will return, and so will the wrinkles. That’s why it is recommended to have your maintenance treatments done every 3-4 months.

Myth #3: If I Stop Using Botox My Face Will Look Worse

Not true. In fact the opposite appears to be the case with regular Botox use. As we already explained Botox stops your muscles from contracting. As your muscles remain relaxed over a period of time (several years) it essentially retrains your face not to make those expressions anymore. Therefore when you discontinue Botox your face is more likely to retain its youthful appearance for months, if not years. Furthermore, twin studies confirm that Botox has a preventative effect. If you continue to receive Botox injections as you age, you may not develop lines and wrinkles at all in the treated areas.

Now, if you’ve only had Botox treatments ones or twice before deciding it’s not for you, you won’t notice any long-term effects as your treatment wears off. After the last Botox molecules leave your body, your face will return to the exact condition and appearance as before.

BONUS: 5 Facts That Make Botox Your Best Anti-Aging Secret

Botox Was Approved for Cosmetic Use in 2002 – After the FDA cleared the drug for cosmetic purposes it quickly became the number one anti-wrinkle treatment that same year. Since then, Botox has been approved for more and more uses, including treating hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and migraines. There’s even some clinical evidence that it can treat depression.

Amount of Botox Used for Cosmetic Treatment is Small – It was originally used for treating neurological disorders and the quantity (or number of units) injected into the body was much larger than what we use cosmetically. Even in massive quantities botulinum toxin is considered perfectly safe and there’s no evidence that it has any bio-accumulative effect.

Botox Work Best on Dynamic Lines – Those are the wrinkles that appear every time you smile or laugh. They’re the forehead lines, frown furrows and crow’s feet. When you’re young these wrinkles are only visible when you’re making expressions. In our 30’s and 40’s these lines can become visible even when our face is at rest – which is why we recommend starting Botox when you’re young.

Botox Injections Are Temporary – This is the number one reason why trying Botox shouldn’t worry you. Chances are everything will go smoothly and your end result will look fantastic. In the very unlikely event that you develop a complication such as a droopy eyelid (again, remember, this is very rare apart from the fact that we now inject differently) or you simply don’t like the way you  look, Botox will wear off within 3-4 months.

The Treatment is Surprisingly Affordable – Botox isn’t just for the ladies from Real Housewives or Hollywood celebrities. It has become very accessible for the average person. The procedure can cost as little as $300 although this can vary, depending on the area(s) being treated (less than a Starbucks latte a day for 3 months) Typically, the larger the area you wish to treat, the higher the cost. Most clinics these days have packages, seasonal promotions or memberships that can bring down the cost even more.

Give us a call at 613-342-0220 to find out more about the Botox packages offered at Brockville MediSpa. We invite you to book a personalized consultation with Dr. Steyn. Look better without looking different!

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  1. I am looking to have my eyes done ✅ I have terrible bags and lines what would you recommend.


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