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Aug 2022 Newsletter

Men’s Grooming: BOTOX, Fillers & More

Looking vibrant, youthful and attractive is not just for women anymore! In fact, more and more gentlemen are discovering the social and personal benefits of looking and feeling their absolute best.. Read More

July 2022 Newsletter

This Month We’re Talking About Peptides

PEPTIDES: Part Miracle, Part Science. Learn about why peptides should be part of your every day skincare routine. Read More

June 2022 Newsletter

Prevent Skin Aging, Not Just a Sunburn

Most of us are using sunscreen wrong. If that comes as a surprise to you then this blog is for you. Read More

May 2022 Newsletter

Mother’s Day Offer and Everything You Need to Know About Serums

Almost every skincare line has a serum that promises to transform your complexion. But what are serums? What do they do for your skin? And how exactly do you use them?. Read More

March 2022 Newsletter

All About Neck Rejuvenation…

It’s a bootcamp workout alright. Only this one is designed to whip your neck into shape. The best part is you don’t have to lift a single weight in the process. Read More

February 2022 Newsletter

Age-Proof Your Skin: 3 Minimally-Invasive Ways…

We love giving our clients the good news. And in this case, the good news is you don’t have to live with lackluster skin. Read More

December 2021 Newsletter

How to Look Less Sad, Angry and Saggy with Dermal Filler

Our understanding of dermal filler has come a long way. Since hyaluronic acid injectables were first introduced in the 1990’s, the way we treat aging skin has evolved. Read More

November 2021 Newsletter

Skin Peels: Everything You Need to Know

The holidays are fast approaching! With the world opening up again to social gatherings, you may be wondering how to give your skin a beautiful glow. Read More

April 2021 Newsletter

Laser Hair Removal: Everything You Need to Know

Laser hair removal is a blanket term for a procedure that permanently reduces unwanted hair on the face and body. Most people are surprised to learn that there are several different devices that can accomplish this task. Read More

February 2021 Newsletter

Post-injection bruising. Can you prevent it? What to do if you get a bruise.

Post-injection bruising is a fact of life. It can happen when the needle nicks one of the thousands of tiny blood vessels in our body, resulting in minor bleeding under the skin. Read More

January 2021 Newsletter

Out with 2020, in with 2021! Need to get in touch? Here is how

Welcome to 2021, and goodbye to 2020, a year that brought us some good, some bad and a lot of ugly. You may wonder if there really was any good, but the development of several vaccines in less than a year is truly an amazing scientific achievement. Read More

December 2020 Newsletter

Give the gift of looking more radiant over the holidays!

Who says you can’t buy a gift certificate for yourself? We encourage you to buy a $100 gift card to enjoy your favourite Brockville Medispa treatments and we’ll give you 4 $25 gift vouchers to share with your friends, loved ones or co-workers. Read More

November 2020 Newsletter

Don’t want surgery? The Soft Lift™ can restore youthful features in just one visit

Pick any industry – technology, medicine, beauty – and you’ll see a constant bubbling of innovation and progress. The medical aesthetics industry is no different. It’s always on the cutting-edge of the latest anti-aging breakthrough that is more effective, natural-looking and longer-lasting than its predecessor. Read More

October 2020 Newsletter

Want to Brighten Your Complexion?

Hyperpigmentation goes by many names: sun spots, age spots, melasma and PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation). Learn how to treat and prevent it for smoother, more even skin tone. Read More

Aug 2020 Newsletter

Tired of Looking Tired?

Learn about three non-surgical ways neuromodulators (ie. BOTOX®) and dermal fillers can counteract that ‘tired’ look and help you achieve a beautifully refreshed and ‘awake’ appearance. Read More

July 2020 Newsletter

Want brighter, tighter skin? Discover Venus RF & HydraFacial

Learn how Venus RF Skin Tightening with Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields can help your skin look firmer and more youthful in just eight weeks. Read More

Updates on Reopening


Welcome back! Like you, we too are very excited about reopening. Read More

May 2020 Newsletter

Mother’s Day Promotion: Gift Cards

Mother’s Day 2020 will be like none before. We are paying tribute to every woman… Read More

May 2020 Newsletter

Mother’s Day Promotion: Gift Cards

Mother’s Day 2020 will be like none before. We are paying tribute to every woman… Read More

April 2020 Newsletter

Your Top 10 Coronavirus or COVID-19 FAQ’s

Get the latest Coronavirus updates by Dr. Steyn.Read More

March 2020 Newsletter


Diagnosing and treating those pesky upper lip lines… Read More

February 2020 Newsletter


Which Microneedling Treatment is Right for You? Find Out… Read More

January 2020 Newsletter


Transform Your Skin in 90 Days? Yes, It’s Possible. Find Out How Read More

December 2019 Newsletter

Brighter, Tighter Skin in 6-8 Weeks

Have you Discovered Radiofrequency (RF) Skin-Tightening Yet? Enjoy a Radiant Glow and More Youthful Facial Contours After Only 6-8 Weekly Treatments Read More

November 2019 Newsletter

Beauty Decoded: A Live Educational Event

Dr. Steyn Presents… Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation and How Juvéderm® Filler Can Help You Look Years Younger Read More

October 2019 Newsletter

What’s the Latest Beauty Trend?

There’s exciting news in the world of dermal fillers! For the first time ever we have a product that gets injected into the jawline and chin. Read More

September 2019 Newsletter

How Well Do You Know BOTOX?

BOTOX: 5 Surprising Facts & 3 Myths That Make it Your Best Anti-Aging Secret Read More

July 2019 Newsletter

Botox or Dermal Fillers? How Do I Choose?

Not sure what the difference is between Botox and Dermal Filler treatments? You are in good company. Most first-time patients are confused about this. Read More

June 2019 Newsletter

How To Trick Your Skin Into Making More Collagen

Do you want healthy, hydrated, and glowy skin but instead you are dealing with wrinkled, dry, and dull skin? But why, you ask? You are probably missing the key ingredient in skin – collagen. Read More

May 2019 Newsletter

Surprise Her for Mother’s Day

If your mom or wife is like most moms we know, she has spent most of her life worrying about others and putting her needs last to take care of everyone else. Sound like someone you know? It’s a mom thing! We offer many treatments to address aging and skin health, so we’ve outlined the most popular gifts Read More

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