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What is MD Codes™ and How Can it Help You Look More Youthful?

What is MD Codes™ and How Can it Help You Look More Youthful?

If there’s one thing we know about technology it’s that it never stops innovating and moving forward. This is particularly relevant in the area of non-surgical facial rejuvenation with dermal filler like JUVEDERM®, the brand that we love and use here at Brockville Medispa.

If you’re in the market for a little pick-me-up to look more refreshed and youthful then you may be interested in learning more about MD Codes™. But first let’s stroll down memory lane to recall how filler was administered not so long ago. If a patient came in complaining about nasolabial folds then we’d simply treat the area until the folds softened or went away. What’s the problem you ask? This method (or lack thereof) didn’t always produce the most natural-looking results. Luckily injection techniques have come a long way in a few short years. Enter MD Codes™.

The way we inject today has changed considerably. We’ll probably still address the nasolabial area directly but not in isolation. You see, once we developed a more advanced understanding of how our facial structures change over time, we became more sophisticated in our approach to dermal filler.

It All Started with the 8-Point Lift: The Origin of MD Codes™

We can thank an extremely talented Brazilian plastic surgeon Dr. Mauricio de Maio for helping us move away from tunnel vision to seeing the bigger picture. Several years ago he developed his 8-Point Lift injection technique. It involved placing dermal filler in eight strategic points around the face to lift sagging skin and restore facial volume.

The 8-Poing Lift was based on his astute observation that as we age the structural trifecta of a youthful face – bone, fat and collagen – decline dramatically, resulting in wrinkles, sagging and sunken appearance. Simply filling in the nasolabial folds didn’t make the face look more attractive or rejuvenated. In fact, treating one small area without respecting the subtleties of facial balance and proportion produced an unflattering ‘puffy face’ that turned many people off filler.

OK I’m Intrigued. Tell Me Morea about MD Codes

Being an innovator in his own right, Dr. de Maio fine-tuned his 8-Point Lift into a system of reproducible injection sites he calls the MD Codes™. Eight points morphed into more than 20 areas around the upper, mid and lower face to restore skin laxity, loss of fat pads and collagen. Overall it’s a much more holistic approach to facial rejuvenation with the goal of making you look like yourself but younger.

Let’s use the nasolabial folds example again. Instead of focusing on just that one area, your MD Codes™-trained practitioner will strive to determine what’s causing your lower face to ‘deflate’ in the first place. It can be different for everyone thus MD Codes ™ takes a highly customized approach. We may inject multiple zones such as temples, cheeks, cheekbones, chin, marionette lines and jawline.

Which Areas of the Face Are Treated with MD Codes™?

  • Temples
  • Eyebrows
  • Tear troughs
  • Cheeks (medial cheek)
  • Cheekbones (lateral cheek)
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Marionette lines
  • Lip area (including lips and upper lip)
  • Chin
  • Jawline

MD Codes™ and JUVEDERM® Vycross®: The Perfect Pair

When it comes to choosing the right dermal filler for your MD Codes™ procedure many options are available. The most suitable fillers must offer superior density and structure to lift sagging tissue and address volume loss. At Brockville Medispa we use JUVEDERM® Vycross® for a number of reasons. First, its cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules are perfect for creating structure within deeper underlying tissue. The second reason is the longevity factor. Vycross® products are known for their exceptional performance and long-lasting results.

If you are interested in learning more, grab our new patient coupon on the home page, contact us through the web form or give us a call at 613-342-0220 to book a consultation.

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