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How To Save 10% On Everything at the Brockville MediSpa

If you asked me about the ONE thing that delivers the most value to my patients, it’s our Personalized Treatment Plans

There are 3 reasons for this…

#1: Information you can Trust: The skin care industry is rife with overhyped skin care procedures and products that promise big but simply don’t deliver. Navigating this minefield yourself quickly becomes overwhelming and frustrating, so my patients are thrilled when they get a treatment plan that provides them with a blueprint for facial rejuvenation, that includes recommendations for BOTH treatments and skin care.

#2: An Approach that Delivers: My patients understand that they often need to kickstart their aesthetic journey with some procedures, but that maintenance treatments are the mainstay for prolonged results. A treatment plan provides exactly that: a short term plan to kickstart their treatments, followed by a long term plan to maintain their results.

#3: Results Driven Skin Care: Unlike over-the-counter skin care products, medical and pharmaceutical grade products contain much higher concentrations of active ingredients, and have been scientifically proven to work. Plus, when medical grade skin care products are combined with the right treatments, they work together synergistically, leading to the best results possible. Skin care is your “treatment between treatments”

… So How Can a Membership help you Reach Your Beauty Goals?

For the last year, I’ve been slowly building an exclusive members only program (The VIP Swan Beauty Membership) that’s allowed my best patients to save money on ALL products and treatments at the Brockville MediSpa.

Currently we have just over 80 members and I would like to open this to a small number of new patients.

Here’s How The Swan Beauty Membership Works:

The only thing better than reaching your cosmetic goals is doing it with ease. Our Beauty Membership allows you to access all of our beauty treatments with easy monthly payments; all at 0% interest. When you join our Swan Beauty Membership Program, you are billed just $229.00+hst per month which is charged monthly to your credit card. This works like your very own skin care piggy bank, and as your payments accumulate, your balance can be put towards anything in our clinic at a 10% discount!

Why Am I Doing This?

I’m willing to give away 10% of my income because people who join tend to be very loyal clients that come back to my clinic year after year. I want to reward these people with better pricing.

To put it bluntly I’m willing to lose money, and take the chance that you’ll want to stay with this select group of loyal patients.

The Risk Is All On Me…

The risk is all on me with this offer, because you can cancel your membership any time after just 6 months with no questions asked.  There is no risk for you!

If You Are Already Spending Money On Skin Treatments, This Is A No-Brainer

Instead of taking out your credit card each time you purchase a treatment, The Swan Membership makes it easy for you to reach your beauty goals with a convenient monthly instalment that delivers you an instant 10% return on your investment! Try getting that on the stock market 🙂

More Amazing Benefits Of Membership:

Alone, this is great offer – but it gets even better! As a member of the Swan Beauty Membership, you get access to:

  • Exclusive members-only promotions
  • Preferred lunch hour and late pm booking times (priceless!)
  • Ongoing access to Brilliant Distinction Points
  • Being part of a select group of likeminded women-“What happens at the Swan Club stays at the Swan Club”

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Mariette Steyn

What To Do Next:

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Feeling positively ageless begins with the right knowledge.If you have questions regarding your skin, or are interested in learning more about a procedure please make an appointment to see us

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