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Back-to-school season should be an exciting time for teens, but for those who battle persistent acne and acne scarring, this can be a very stressful time of year. No matter your age, suffering from acne is a frustrating battle that can take a devastating toll on self-esteem.

Boost confidence by taking action and knowing your options. 
Non-prescription medications are available to help combat acne. Benzoyl peroxide, for example, fights the bacterial component of acne and inhibits clogging of pores. It is available in various forms (washes, creams, gels, etc.) and comes in several strengths. Salicylic acidalso comes in several forms without a doctor’s prescription. It unclogs pores and breaks down both whiteheads and blackheads. When initiating benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid into your skincare regimen, try a mild formula first, since too high of a concentration can actually be more irritating. Also, be patient. It can take four to eight weeks to notice substantial improvement. We recommend SkinTx Acne Treatment, which also is part of our September special (see below). Originally designed for teens, but effective for all ages, it helps clear existing acne while preventing future breakouts, for a healthier complexion. SkinTx Acne Treatment is the first medical grade acne treatment system that combines three powerful pharmaceutical grade ingredients in a quick and easy 2-step program with visible results in as little as 2 weeks.

When is it time to take next steps?
After a couple of months, if your condition has not improved on non-prescription products, it’s time to consult with a physician. It might be necessary to get a prescription for a stronger treatment, depending on the type and severity of your acne. For severe and stubborn acne, your healthcare provider or dermatologist might prescribe retinoids, oral or topical antibiotics, prescription-strength benzoyl peroxide, or a combination of treatments. We might also recommend an LED Therapy treatment that targets acne outbreaks using blue light energy. This treatment can reduce the instances of acne breakouts and diminishes skin imperfections. Be sure to check out our September promotion below!

6 Things to Remember on Your Journey to Healthy Skin

  1. Be patient. Effective treatments can be a slow process, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results immediately. Progress takes time.
  2. Follow instructions. Apply only the instructed amount. Slathering on more medication will not speed up results. In fact, doing so might further irritate your skin and make your condition even worse.
  3. Stick to the plan. For your treatment to be effective, use medications as indicated on a regular schedule. Remind yourself by placing it somewhere that will prompt you to remember, like next to your toothbrush.
  4. Avoid oily skin care products. When buying makeup, sunscreen, moisturizers, or other skin products, make sure the label says “noncomedogenic”. It means those products will not clog your pores.
  5. Don’t be picky. This is a no-brainer. Touching or picking at pimples can irritate and inflame skin, worsening acne and delaying positive change from treatments.
  6. Easy does it. Don’t over wash your face. Cleaning too much can actually encourage oil production and exacerbate your acne. Twice a day, as part of your morning and evening routine, should be fine.

Brockville Cosmetic Skin Clinic can help you assess your individual skin needs and recommend a treatment plan optimized for your skin health goals. Contact us today for a consultation!


SkinTx Acne Treatment System


Rev up your battle against acne with our September special. Purchase a SkinTx Acne Treatment System ($99) and get all of following for FREE:
  • Mini-Facial
  • Clarifying Mask
  • Acne-Targeting LED Treatment ($69 value!)
The SkinTx system is formulated with pharmaceutical grade benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. This September package is an affordable opportunity to start fresh, just in time for fall!*
*Valid through September 30, 2014. Promotions cannot be combined with any other specials or offers. Please contact our staff for more details.

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