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Skin Fitness: Get Your Skin in Shape with Active Ingredients

Improve Your Skin Fitness with SkinMedica

The benefits of exercise for our body are evident in many regards. Regular cardio and strength/resistance training helps our muscles stay strong and lean; it improves our heart health and cardiovascular function, and helps us keep excess weight off.

Many people may not realize that just as regular fitness benefits the body, it has the same effect on our skin, particularly our complexion. To be clear, we’re not talking about facial exercise here, although doing these certainly wouldn’t hurt.

The fitness we’re referring to is using scientifically proven ingredients to improve the health of your skin, to maximize the function of your cells and underlying dermal structure and to boost circulation to help your skin look more toned and youthful.

Three Fundamental ‘Skin Fitness’ Ingredients to Get Today

Retinol –  Just as muscles give your body tone, collagen does the same for your skin. It’s the scaffolding that’s responsible for supple, voluminous plumpness of youth. Over time, our collagen levels decline considerably, made worse by poor lifestyle habits and UV exposure.

Fortunately, science has shown us that collagen breakdown can be slowed down considerably, and even reversed, with topical application of retinoids, like those you’ll find in the SkinMedica Retinol Complex. 

Retinol works by accelerating cellular turnover at the dermis level, that’s the layer that sits just under and nourishes the epidermis. What’s more, decades of data show that with regular use, retinols result not only in more collagen, but improved dermal thickness. In practical terms, this means tighter, firm skin that looks more youthful and vibrant.

Peptides and Growth Factors – Exercise won’t help if you’re in poor health and don’t give your body proper nutrition. The same applies to your skin as well. Your skin needs micronutrients to function properly and look healthy.

Science has made major advancements here too. Ingredients such as nano-peptides and growth factors are designed to penetrate deep into the skin and reprogram your cells to function and ‘behave’ younger. It’s the ultimate nutrition for your skin that produces visible results on the outside.

For example SkinMedica’s TNS Advanced+ Serum uses advanced marine extract growth factors to support the skin’s renewal process. After several weeks of regular use fine lines and even coarse wrinkles became smoother and skin looked firmer.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) – Your fitness level will stagnate if you don’t give your body adequate hydration. Without water, muscles can’t recover as quickly after exercise, waste cannot removed by the liver kidneys, and the body can become sluggish.

Our skin needs water just as vitally as our body. Unfortunately, many physiological and environmental factors can impair our skin’s hydration levels. For some it’s as simple as not drinking enough water. Also dry indoor air, cold weather and pollution can rob our skin of precious H2O, leaving our skin dry and dull.

Luckily there’s no need to suffer from the discomfort and adverse skin health effects of dehydration when using SkinMedica’s HA Rejuvenating Hydrator. It’s unique formula is an important step towards skin fitness.

Rich in HA, which has a unique ability to attract 1000 times its own weight in water, HA Rejuvenating Hydrator helps to normalize moisture levels, soothe skin dryness and give your skin a beautiful, healthy glow.

Give us a call at 613-342-0220 to find out more about SkinMedica products at BrockvilleMediSpa. We invite you to book a personalized consultation with Dr. Steyn or Nurse Vicki. Look better without looking different!

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