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The HydraFacial: Advanced Facial Plus Targeted Skin Treatment

HydraFacial Brockville Elevates the Facial Experience

Imagine the best facial you’ve ever had. Now add a jet of water whirling rhythmically against your skin while simultaneously purifying and infusing your pores with vital nutrients. This is the HydraFacial MD® experience – a gentler version of microdermabrasion that uses H2O rather than crystals to deep-cleanse your complexion. But don’t let the hypnotic lull of this treatment fool you. The HydraFacial’s patented handpiece means business: while gliding over the skin’s surface, it is working its magic to pull out oil and impurities while addressing your specific skin concerns.

Customize HydraFacial for Maximum Benefits

To keep results consistent from one clinic to the next the HydraFacial MD® follows a computerized 3-step protocol. This is to “cleanse & peel,” “extract & hydrate,” and “fuse & protect.” The first two steps remove the top epidermal layer and debris in the pores followed by the final step which saturates the skin with antioxidants, peptides, and moisturizers. Want to know another reason why the HydraFacial MD® is the best facial you’ll ever have? The 3 steps may be controlled by a program, but there’s a highly personalized side to it as well. Once your physician or aesthetic nurse determines your unique complexion needs, she will select targeted skin serums to boost your results. Choose from a beautifying cocktail to reduce the signs of aging, redness, brown spots and much more. A LED anti-aging red light treatment or a LED blue light treatment to fight bacteria in outbreak-prone skin are both further customization often requested by our clients.

Another sought after HydraFacial MD® customization is an add on facial lymphatic drainage treatment. This fantastic treatment has multiple benefits and can be highly effective due to its ability to improve sluggish circulation and remove unwanted toxins. Lymphatic massage reduces puffiness and keeps our complexion looking healthy.

A big advantage of the HydraFacial MD® is that it can be performed on any skin type. Whether you’re oily, dry or combination, intense hydration delivered deep into the epidermis plumps up fine lines and wrinkles. Skin that’s saturated with moisture exudes radiance, vibrancy, and firmness. If you find your complexion looking lackluster then the HydraFacial MD® can help bring back your natural glow. The treatment is particularly beneficial for oily and acne prone skin (especially adult acne). The powerful exfoliation and suction help to clear away clogged pores and acne-causing bacteria. After each treatment enlarged pores appear smaller and less noticeable. In fact, many clients find that their makeup goes on smoother and looks better all day long.

Perfect Before a Wedding or After Vacation

The beauty of the HydraFacial MD® is the lack of redness and irritation that normally accompanies traditional microdermabrasion. It’s perfect before a special occasion when you want to look your best, such as a wedding, anniversary or birthday. Although there’s no downtime it’s a good idea to have the treatment done at least 2-3 days before your big event. You want to make sure your skin has had sufficient time to respond to the anti-aging and skin-enhancing ingredients that were absorbed during the procedure. The great news is that results can last for several weeks or longer.

On the flip side, the HydraFacial MD® can be done after a trip or vacation. Perhaps you’ve just returned from a tropical getaway where you diligently wore sunscreen to protect your skin from UV exposure (kudos to you). Now your pores are congested and could use a good deep-cleaning. This treatment helps to remove stubborn product residues and leaves your complexion looking squeaky clean and clear.

Give us a call at 613-342-0220 to find out more about the HydraFacial benefits and cost. To learn more about other non-surgical procedures offered at Brockville MediSpa that can help you look more vibrant and youthful we invite you to book a consultation with Dr. Steyn. Look better without looking different!

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