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More than 2 million Canadians suffer from Rosacea, a skin condition that many are even unaware of. Rosacea is  believed to be a disorder of the blood vessels, and the rosy colouring is due to an increase in blood flow to the face and a higher number of blood vessels that are closer to the skin’s surface. The condition causes facial blood vessels to undergo a change, making them hyper-responsive to internal and external stimuli. Rosacea affects individuals differently, with symptoms ranging from rosy pink cheeks to a red-faced and ruddy appearance. Skin thickening, irritated or watery eyes, and bumps and pimples may also accompany the redness.

In honor of Rosacea Awareness Month, Brockville Cosmetic Skin Clinic wants you to know you don’t have to suffer in silence. We recommend the Vivier Redness Relief System to patients who would like to reduce the appearance of Rosacea. The Redness Relief System contain six products that will minimize redness and even skin tone when used in conjunction with one another.

The Redness Solution Complex specifically contains three powerful ingredients–Peptides, Red Algae Extract and Hexamidine and are used for their anti-redness properties. Moreover, the Redness Solution Complex is enriched with vitamins C and E to minimize wrinkles and fine lines and promotes even skin tone. Expect to see results within a few weeks after starting a daily regiment with these Vivier skin products. Patients looking for other means to compliment the Redness Relief System can couple a skin peel with these products to get the best results. If you are looking for a more permanent solution consider, a series of  Venus Viva treatments to dramatically improve your appearance and reduce redness and visible blood vessels.

Dr. Steyn and her experienced staff understand how closely your appearance and self-esteem are tied together. Many people who suffer from Rosacea feel helpless because they are not aware of solutions to improve their skin condition. Throughout April, we are participating in Rosacea Awareness Month with a special skin care treatment offer that will help you get your self-confidence back. Call us at 613-342-0220 to book your consultation today and we’ll devise a custom plan to help reduce the appearance of your Rosacea.

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