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I get this question all the time! Everyone wants to save a few dollars here and there, right? But still wants amazing results. This question is much more difficult to answer than a simple “Botox” or “Skin Peel” It really depends on several factors, so it becomes part of your own personalized treatment plan. You might have a wedding or reunion coming up and want “instant” results, or you might be more interested in longer lasting results that might take a bit longer to achieve.

Try to answer the following 5 questions to find the best treatment that will give YOU the best “bang for your buck”

(1)    What Do You Want to Change or Improve?

You are looking in the mirror and do not like seeing those ever deepening 11’s between your brows glaring back at you.  Although a facial, peel or DermaFrac treatment will be a more affordable treatment, if your concern is frown lines, Botox is going to be the better treatment for you. A peel or DermaFrac treatment will improve your skin texture, but will not relax your frown lines.

(2)     What is the Cost Benefit Ratio Versus the Overall Value You Get from the Procedure?

What price do YOU put on feeling self-confident? As the ad says this in itself is “priceless” If it is a tummy tuck or Botox , whichever treatment helps you feel better about yourself, cost became less of an issue if that procedure helps you feel confident. Nothing like looking in the mirror going “Wow, I Do Like What I See”

March 2 2016

(3)    How Soon Do You Want to See Results?

You have a big event coming up in 3 weeks. You want to see results fast.  If you need to only freshen up your skin, a skin peel or DermaFrac treatment will do the trick. Do you need to take a few years off your face fast? Nothing works like the Softlift™ makeover, a procedure that we can do in an hour. The Softlift skillfully combines Botox to relax wrinkles, and fillers to lift and fill. This is the perfect procedure to reduce sagging. Volume replacement is instant, Botox might take 2-14 days for full effect.

(4)    Can You Live With A Few Days of Downtime?

Got brown spots and sun damage? An IPL Photo rejuvenation treatment will be a great option, however, those spots will get darker for a few days before it fades. So if that is not an option for you, a skin care program such as ZO SkinHealth  or SkinTx  to lighten the spots over time might be better suited for you. Can you live with those darker spots for a few days? You will love the results the results from an IPL treatment!

(5)    Can You Commit to A Series of Treatments?

Treatments such as Venus Freeze to tighten skin and recontour the jawline, are done as a series of weekly treatments. For best results, 6-10 treatments are recommended. This is a very pleasant, no down time procedure, that patients say feels like a hot rock massage. However, if you can not commit to weekly treatments, then this is not going to work for you.




Allow me to walk you through your options.  Use our easy “Request Your Consultation” contact form on the left to book your appointment with Dr. Mariette Steyn or phone 613-342-0220 for an appointment now.

For a consultation fee of only $57 you will receive 60 minutes of undivided attention and an individualized road map for natural, age appropriate and progressive rejuvenation. You will leave with a folder filled with information, some skin care samples and a clear understanding what the next step in your journey is. All follow-up consultations are complimentary!



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  1. Hi,
    I’m in my 60th year. I have dark circles under my eyes and would like to discuss what options are available to me.
    Donna Avery


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