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Do you remember the song by CHER “If I could turn back time”? Wouldn’t you love to turn back time on the aging process? Here is your chance!

Non-invasive fractional therapies like Venus Viva and Dermafrac are targeted at women, just like you, that are experiencing signs of aging and desire retexturizing of the skin for a younger looking, tighter and brighter skin with a refreshed appearance.

Both Venus Viva and Dermafrac are designed to treat a variety of skin conditions that is associated with textural changes of the skin. Are you bothered by wrinkles, fine lines,enlarged pores,acne scarring, melasma or sagging skin? You should consider a fractional treatment. It also works particularly well to treat rosacea and reduce pigmentation and redness in the skin. It can even be used to treat striae (stretch marks). Fractional therapies, non-invasive by nature, allow for a very natural approach to enhancing natural radiance, without changing your look or making you look “different”.


How do Fractional Therapies work?

Non-invasive fractional treatments, also known as “Fractional Collagen Induction”, promote the growth of new collagen and are fully customizable to your skin and your preferences. It stimulates the body to increase collagen and fibroblasts by boosting growth factors and new cells generated from stem cells. It has been advocated as an alternative to laser treatments because it lacks the downtime associated with traditional laser treatments..


What’s the difference between Dermafrac and Venus Viva?

Venus Viva is the gold standard when it comes to the medical aesthetic experience. This technology combines NanoFractional Radio Frequency and one of a kind SmartScan technology. Results from Venus Viva can be seen after the first treatment. To receive optimum results, it is recommended to receive 3-4 treatments administered once a month. Downtime is minimal compared to traditional laser treatments and patients can return to regular activities within 24 hours.

DermaFrac is what we at the office call “Baby Venus Viva” and is an excellent alternative to Venus Viva if you have less textural changes as well as a lower tolerance for any downtime. This fractional therapy combines four different modalities in each 45 minute treatment. A series of 6 treatments, every two to four weeks is recommended for optimum results.

Not sure if either is right for you? Book your appointment today to find out if Venus Viva or DermaFrac could work for you!

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