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Top 3 Medispa Treatment for Men

soften frown and laugh lines

Looking vibrant, youthful and attractive is not just for women anymore! In fact, more and more men are discovering the social, professional and personal benefits of looking and feeling their absolute best.

Unlike daily grooming habits, such as shaving and applying moisturizer, these highly impactful and results-oriented treatments are only needed several times a year or less, depending on the treatment.

To give you an idea of what’s popular, below are the top three services that our male clients love, and have added as part of their regular grooming practices:

Dermal Filler to Soften Deep Lines, Folds and Improve Volume

The aging process and the pull of gravity can create a number of undesirable changes on the face. For example, men can lose fat and collagen around the mid-face, leading to deep nasolabial folds and sunken cheeks. This can start as early as the 30’s, especially in those who are naturally thin or very athletic.

To address volume loss in the mid-face, the best approach is to gently lift the cheeks with a moderate density hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvederm®  VOLUMA. This accomplishes two things: first, it fills in depleted areas and elevates the cheeks, resulting in residual softening of the nasolabial folds (those deep lines around the mouth).

In some cases if the cheeks have sufficient volume and only the nasolabial folds are the primary concern, dermal filler can be administered directly into the folds to provide structure and support. For the most part, however, modern injection techniques favour lateral cheeks correction as the first line of defense against laugh lines.

Prevent and Reduce Frown Lines of the Upper Face

Frown lines between the eyes, especially if they’re deep, can make someone come across as angry when they’re not. This is not ideal, whether it’s in a professional environment or social one. Fortunately, we now have a safe and effective solution for preventing and reversing these deep wrinkles with neuromodulators.

Neuromodulators such as BOTOX®  prevent you from making those angry or frowning expressions, causing the lines to relax over time. It’s so effective that it’s currently the number one non-surgical rejuvenation service for men. Furthermore, many men love the boost in self-esteem and confidence they get from looking more youthful.

What’s interesting is that even younger men, in their 30’s and 40’s are enjoying the benefits of preventative Botox to stop frown lines before they even start. It definitely helps that BOTOX®  use is now socially acceptable for both men and women, and it’s widely available everywhere these days.

What is the BOTOX Cost for Men?

Men’s BOTOX®  can vary from one practitioner to the next; however, over the years it has become quite competitive and more affordable. One thing that men should keep in mind is that their dosing may be higher than their wife’s or girlfriend’s because their muscles are bigger and stronger, even facial muscles. So their treatment cost may be higher for that reason.

Other Medispa Services for Men

Laser hair removal is extremely popular with men because the upkeep of removing unwanted hair can be very time consuming. Waxing or shaving often causes irritation and ingrown hairs, which can range from annoying to painful. Some parts of the body are not so easy to access, such as the back or buttocks.

So if you’re a man who is fed up with unwanted hair, then laser hair removal is a more permanent solution. Laser works by targeting the hair follicle at the root, essentially destroying it. Over time, the hair in the treated will become thinner and greatly reduced. With enough sessions (typically 8-10) and several touch up sessions throughout the year, it’s possible to achieve a smooth chest, back or any other area of the body.

Give us a call at 613-342-0220 to find out more about men’s treatments and which ones are right for you, and any special offers here at BrockvilleMediSpa. We invite you to book a personalized consultation with Dr. Steyn or Nurse Vicki. Look better without looking different!

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