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Venus Freeze Radio Frequency Facial

Radiofrequency Facial

Why have a regular facial when you can enjoy skin tightening and lifting at the same time? That’s the beauty of our Radiofrequency (RF) facial. It features all the  steps you’d expect in your favourite facial – deep-cleansing, hot towels, hydration and application of targeted treatment serums – in perfect combination with RF energy to tighten and lift your skin.

The main objective of this treatment is to stimulate your own collagen for a more rejuvenated appearance. The Venus RF device heats the deep dermal layers to 38-40 degrees in order to boost cellular repair and regeneration. The Radiofrequency facial is so relaxing it feels like a hot stone massage on your face.

What are the steps?

  • Your skin is cleansed and gently exfoliated in preparation for the lifting and firming treatment. 
  • Diamond Polar MP2 Radiofrequency is applied to your face and neck using the Venus RF handpiece.  
  • Relaxing facial massage with specialty serum to address your specific skin concerns.
  • Application of toner and moisturizer.
  • Treatment concludies with application of SPF lotion.

Hot towels are used throughout the radiofrequency facial to comfortably increase the skin’s temperature for the RF treatment. They’re also effective at removing cellular debris and product to allow for proper transmission of RF energy into the dermis.

Radiofrequency Facial Recovery

No downtime is required after the procedure. You can return to your regular activities immediately. You may experience some pinkiness for about 30 minutes after the treatment  that can easily be covered up with mineral powder that. It will also provide you with sun protection. Broad spectrum sun protection with at least a SPF of 30 is recommended for daily use during and after treatments.

Radiofrequency Safety and Risks

Radiofrequency Facial is extremely safe and is generally well tolerated by most people. Client of all ages and skin types can benefit from this anti-aging, skin-tightening producre. Do you want to learn more about Dr. Steyn’s Medical Facials? I will provide you with a comprehensive individualized plan for subtle, progressive and age appropriate rejuvenation, ensuring a natural appearance. To request your personal consultation call 613-342-0220.

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