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ReThink Your Weight


I’m Dr. Mariette Steyn

Weight loss is often the easier part. Keeping it off? Not so much. I spent most of my adult life feeling miserable about my weight and unhappy with my body. I have been no stranger to diets, working with personal trainers, losing the weight and then gaining it all back.

And then something happened. Right in the middle of the pandemic, when everyone else was gaining weight, I discovered a way to lose weight (for good), without calorie counting, exercise or complicated food plans.

I discovered an amazing process that focuses not on ACTIONS (diets) but on my MIND and how to change my THOUGHTS. To be fair, overweight is just a symptom. The REASON we are overeweight is because we overeat. So the question I asked was  “Why do I overeat” This has been a game-changer not only for weight loss but in ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE.  

Do you lack success in that one area of your life: losing the weight and keeping it off? 

There is another way to shed the weight, whether it be the first or last five pounds.

I help women feel more confident and comfortable in their clothes and their bodies. Weight loss is about our thoughts, not only the foods that we eat. That’s why you are still stuck.

You have tried it all: calorie restricting, calorie counting, exercising and counting points. It worked until it stopped working. Then you gained it all back and more.

You need an approach that is different, fresh and proven to work. You could use some motivation, accountability and most importantly, you need real support.

What if I tell you that it’s not your fault? That’s right. You are not to blame. Your brain and your hormones are the real culprits in your lack of success in losing weight and keeping it off.

It’s not only what you are eating, it is WHY you are eating


You have tried so many diets: Weight Watchers, Keto, South Beach, Paleo, Atkins. In fact, you are an expert on all these diets. And to be fair, they all work to some degree because they rely on calorie restriction. With some willpower you can white knuckle it for a while.

But then…..

It stops working. The willpower muscle starts to fatigue. You have a birthday, an anniversary, a stressful day at work. And you feel that you DESERVE a treat. And then the next one. And the next one… AND THEN IT JUST BECOMES EASIER TO QUIT. To give up on your diet. To give up on yourself.

That is when the self doubt starts. And the disappointment in yourself. Slowly eroding your self confidence. YOU BECOME CONVINCED THAT THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU



The Eureka Weight Loss Method™  is NOT A DIET PLAN. It addresses the root causes for not being able to reach and maintain your natural weight: Overeating, Overdesire and your hormones ( Hint: it is not the one you are thinking) Let’s get rid of your DIET BRAIN and discover how you can use your EXECUTIVE BRAIN to Rethink your Weight and Reset your Hormones naturally.

I want to help you lose the weight and FIT IN YOUR CLOTHES again, REGAIN your CONFIDENCE, discover FREEDOM AROUND FOOD and become the CEO OF YOUR BODY AND BRAIN.

My propriety 5-Step EUREKA WEIGHT LOSS METHOD ™ will take you step-by-step through your weight loss journey and includes:

– 16 Weekly Coaching Sessions

– One weekly meeting on ZOOM (The sessions will be recorded in case you can not make it)

– Weekly videos allowing for self study discussing key concepts.

– Weekly worksheets to help you delve deeper into how to reset your thought loops around food.

– Introduction of weekly Tiny Habits

– Access to a Bonus Course on Outcome and Goal Cultivation

Over 16 weeks you will learn to RETHINK YOUR WEIGHT, get rid of your DIET BRAIN and find FREEDOM AROUND FOOD

Want to learn more? WATCH THIS  MASTERCLASS where I explain our 3-Step Roadmap to WEIGHT LOSS SUCCESS


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