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3 Non-Surgical Ways to Treat Dark Circles and Refresh Your Appearance

Dark circles, hollowness in the tear troughs and hooded eyes can make you look like you haven’t slept in days. Even if you’re well-rested, the aging process can make your eyes look tired. Anti-aging injections such as neuromodulators (ie. BOTOX) and dermal fillers can counteract that ‘tired’ look and help you achieve a beautifully refreshed and ‘awake’ appearance. Below are three ways that minimally-invasive procedures can rejuvenate the eye area:

1. Dermal filler to restore volume in the tear troughs

As we age our natural fat pads deteriorate, leaving hollowness and sagging skin in their place. This is a gradual process that begins in our thirties and by the time we enter our forties and fifties, the under-eye area can negatively affect our appearance. Of course, it’s possible to have hollow tear troughs when we’re younger due to factors such as genetics, illness and one’s natural anatomy. The great news is that a small amount of dermal filler can dramatically (and instantly) restore and reverse aging under the eyes.

In the diagram below, letter A represents the area we normally treat with dermal filler. Softer hyaluronic acid products such as Juvederm VOLBELLA is ideal because its viscosity and texture restores volume without adding bulk. Additionally, modern injection techniques call for injecting a small amount of firmer product such as Juvederm VOLIFT or VOLUMA directly underneath the tear trough into the medial cheek. This creates a ‘shelf,’ so to speak, for additional support under the eyes.

 2. Wrinkle-relaxing injections to treat and prevent crow’s feet

In the diagram above, letter B is placed over the area where people tend to develop crow’s feet. These are dynamic lines caused by muscle contractions when we smile or laugh. If left untreated, crow’s feet can become deeper over time and eventually turn into static wrinkles – the kind you see even when the face is at rest. A small amount of neuromodulator such as BOTOX can treat crow’s feet without affecting your ability to express yourself.

Another lesser known benefit of having BOTOX administered around the crow’s feet is a more refreshed appearance. Many patients who aren’t concerned with wrinkles around the eyes love having this area treated anyway because of the incredible brightening, eye-opening and overall lifting effect this procedure achieves. This treatments makes an excellent accompaniment to the “BOTOX brow lift” described below.

3. The non-surgical brow lift or “BOTOX brow lift”

If you’ve been receiving anti-wrinkle injections regularly then you probably know about the “BOTOX brow lift.” If it’s your first time reading about it, the treatment involves injecting a small amount of neuromodulator at the outer corner of the brow. This achieves a subtle and natural elevation in the outer corner of the eye represented by letter C – somewhere between 1-3mm in lift.

How does the BOTOX brow lift work? By relaxing the muscles that pull the brows down, this creates a temporary upward-lifting effect in the brow and forehead. As long as the neuromodulator remains in the treatment area, the brows will look elevated, usually between three and four months. Benefits of the brow lift include less hooding, looking more refreshed and an increased visible eyelid which can make application of eye makeup easier.

Give us a call at 613-342-0220 to find out more about way your can look less tired, and to learn of any special offers here at the Brockville MediSpa. We invite you to book a personalized consultation with Dr. Steyn. Look better without looking different!


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